• Gary Haws
    Office Manager

    Gary handles day to day activities in the office, billing, licensing, paying local and state taxes and bills pertaining to the office. Performs many IT related duties up-keeping PCs, Ipads, servers, routers, digital x-ray equipment, and also makes sure backups of all files. He handles most of the ordering of office supplies, supplements, DME, Water, and all items needed to keep the office running. He handles payroll, manages time for employees, maintains the billing system by updating ICD diagnoses codes and billing protocols. He maintains the providers credentials and continuing education and updates CAQH site, and carriers and payers in the accounting software system. He also works on the website and provides content for our FB page. He answers emails related to patients or business related items. He assists other team members in entering Eobs, and catching errors in billing and correcting bills in error. He assists with records requests from Lawyers and insurance Carriers. In his free time he spends time with family, plays disc golf, basketball and loves camping and canoeing.

  • Hailey Haws
    Chiropractic Assistant

    Hailey is a pre-med student at MTSU. She is trained to administer therapy protocols under the guidance and directions of our providers. She helps with scheduling, billing, and filing. She is very health and wellness conscious. She enjoys, yoga, hiking, paddling and music. She also enjoys spending time with friends and family.

  • Crystle Hendricks
    Therapy Director

    Crystle is trained in all therapies, and she can administer them under the direction of our providers. She administers spinal decompression, thermal laser, hydromassage, e-stim, and mechanical traction. She is also trained to assist with needling. She manages inventory and staff to help her with therapies as needed. She is a grandmother and loves spending time with her grand-babies.

  • Jamie Coleman
    Chiropractic Assistant

    Jamie has high energy and is very positive. Under the directions of our providers she can set up patients with therapies, e-stim, traction, spinal decompression, and thermal laser. She is recently married and enjoys outdoor activities with her husband and close knit family.

  • Ranae McCoy
    Front Desk Receptionist

    Renae has a vast knowledge of nutrition and vitamins and minerals. She is very disciplined and prides herself in eating organic raw foods and home grown items. She manages checking in and checking out patients, scheduling, and answering the phone. She has raised her family on a large farm. All in all, she enjoys nature and healthy, Christian living.

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